Harmony Joy Balance

Do more of what you love and feel great

I believe you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You have the ability to create magic in each and every area of your life. Harmony – Joy – Balance

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I Believe

My Love and admiration for the human spirit is vast.

I believe that we each hold the key to our Joy, Success, and in fact ‘All’ we desire, or choose as our journey.

I have chosen the path of being in service to humanity, raising the vibration of the universe one person at a time, and in so doing creating what I call the ‘Compound Impact’.

I believe that each time we choose to make a difference, it is as if a ripple effect takes place, think of the ripples caused by dropping a stone into a pool of water. The ripple starts by impacting one individual and ripples out to the lives of many, many others.

What a beautiful picture!

High vibe, creating high vibe, and impacting the world one person at a time.

We hold the key to the Power and Creative wisdom which lies within and as a result we have the ability to produce extraordinary results, powerful success and extensive joy.

I believe that we are connected by a band of energy, that connects all to one original brilliant and magnificent source of energy.

This energetic Light exists within each of us, and within everything and through the direction and guidance of this inner Light we expose the gift of transformation, which is profound and powerful.

It is my desire to assist all clients and students to access the Energetic Light within to live their most Brilliant Lives.

This is the Gift to living our Truth, a Life that is in Harmony with all that we are in our Unique essence.

One of freedom to Be who we truly are, to do the things that, bring us the most Joy and freedom, doing what we choose, when we choose and how we choose.

To be authentically ‘I’.

Education and Training

Gillian’s education includes 20 years’ experience in the field of personal development, personal growth, and energy healing.

Her qualifications include a Diploma in Life & Business Coaching accredited by the European Coaching Institute, 6 month Apprenticeship in Coaching with Anel Bester, Level 2 certificate in Counselling recognised by CPAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body), Neurolinguistic programming, and Belfast Respect Coaching for Professionals training.

She also holds numerous qualifications in the field of Energy Healing, including Reiki to Master & Teacher level; Egyptian Sekhem to Master & teacher level; BodyTalk; Breakthrough; Mindscape; Theta Healing; Shamanic teachings; Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology; Spiritual Healing as taught by Linda de Villiers; Kahuna Massage (Lomi Lomi – energy healing massage – used by Shamanic leaders in Hawaii), as instructed by Anthea Hardwick of the Aloha Life Centre.

Whilst living in the UK from 2005 to 2011, Gillian co-ordinated the introduction of BodyTalk to Northern Ireland and helped develop a number of successful practitioners over there.  Click on the Tatler Review link below to read an article published on Gillian –

Tatler Review by Sonia Longridge