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Have you allowed conditioning to define who you are as a woman?

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Connect to true balance, harmony and energy for creating what you desire most.

‘What Is Life-Joy Coaching?

Life-Joy Coaching does not follow the traditional form of coaching.

It is not about setting Goals and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion to meet those expectations – whether your own and others.

It is not about fitting in, overwhelm, added pressure and anxiety to meet an unattainable norm or perceived level of perfection.

It is not about blending in and following the crowd, shoulds or shouldnt’s or what is assumed Good or Bad.

Life-Joy Coaching is about YOU.
It is about You living according to Your Values.
It is about YOU living YOUR best life.


Reclaiming All of you for Living, Loving and Being Yourself, to give you the clarity to create magic, love, the relationships you desire and the lifestyle that feels yummy, magical and most aligned for you as your future self.

It is about connecting to your true essence with clarity and purpose and making the choices aligned for your future self.

It is about making those choices without judgement and criticism.

It is about bringing a dose of humour and truth to this journey and through Love and Compassion showing up for the woman you say you Now Choose to Be.

My YouTube Channel

I invite you to visit my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting new content every week.  Here’s one of the powerful meditations used in my group sessions.




“I am delighted to hear that Gill, a long-time friend and fellow practitioner, is using her considerable skills and experience to help others.” 

“Gill is a deeply compassionate and intuitive practitioner and unlike some others that I have encountered, never pushes, simply allows things to unfold in a way that is comfortable for you.”

“We worked together through the damaging beliefs that I had, and let go of long entrenched thought patterns that were hurting me.”

What would it feel like to be truly aligned with your values?

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