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Energy Healing

Connect to true balance, harmony and energy for creating what you desire most.

Egyptian Sekhem Breakthrough

Your unique deep dive path to more Joy, Love and freedom.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a complementary approach rooted in the belief that our bodies have energy flowing through them.

Practitioners use holistic therapies such as Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem which have been developed over thousands of years to balance this energy flow which can lead to health benefits.

These therapies aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms, by considering the interdependence of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and overall wellbeing.

Egyptian Sekhem originated in ancient Egypt and seeks to channel life force energy through the hands to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing is generally considered to be non-invasive and safe as it and involves the use of the hands to channel energy from the practitioner to the client.

Due to the non-invasive nature of Energy Healing many people use it to complement other medical treatment.

During a session you may experience various sensations such as tingling, emotional release or muscle twitches as the  body absorbs the energy and begins to correct any imbalance.

Now, more than ever, people are seeking to explore alternative healthcare systems and it is important to find a practitioner that resonates with you.

Having an open mind and a willingness to explore the subtle energies within us will give you maximum benefit from a session.



Step into the Truest version of Yourself – Reclaiming All of You, Your Unique Gifts, Wisdom, Magical Alchemy –  Pathways that lie within and create a blueprint for Living, Loving and Being Your True Self.

A Co-Creative Journey that gives you deeper clarity, focus, and guidance supporting you to build Relationaships in all spheres of your life are supportive, deep and meaningful.

The lifestyle that feels Yummy, Magical and most in harmony for You as your Future Self.

The journey that appears majestically through Synchronicity – Serendipity and Serenity.

A Journey of knowing that is interjected with Ease and Grace ….

It is about connecting to your True Essence with clarity and purpose and making the choices aligned for your Future Self.

It is about making those choices without judgement and criticism, with a sense of Freedom.

It is about bringing a Good Dose of Play, Fun, Humour and Vulnerability to this Your Journey of Life and with a deep, deep sense honoring of yourself and your individual journey and blueprint, show up with Love and Compassion for the Woman you now say you Choose to Be.

Stepping onto the path of rediscovery, spiritual connection and your soul’s true calling.

Egyptian Sekhem Breakthrough Session

The Egyptian Sekhem Deep Dive Breakthrough Session is ‘ All about YOU’.

It’s about accessing the deepest channels of your Intuitive and Inner Guidance.

It’s about your Desires, Deep Truths and the Wisdom the Ones You Already Hold within Your Heart.
It is about You living your best life, the life aligned to your personal values, beliefs and Soul Purpose.
It is about YOU Co-Creating your Phenomenal Life of Passion, Purpose, Joy and Harmony.

It is not about following a rigid outline, a set formula created for a specific outcome.

It is not about fitting in, overwhelm, added pressure and anxiety to meet Unattainable Norms or perceived levels of Perfection.

It is not about blending in and following the crowd, shoulds or shouldnt’s, have to’s or assumed Good or Bad’s, Right or Wrongs.

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My YouTube Channel

I invite you to visit my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting new content every week.  Here’s one of the powerful meditations used in my group sessions.




“I am delighted to hear that Gill, a long-time friend and fellow practitioner, is using her considerable skills and experience to help others.” 

“Gill is a deeply compassionate and intuitive practitioner and unlike some others that I have encountered, never pushes, simply allows things to unfold in a way that is comfortable for you.”

“We worked together through the damaging beliefs that I had, and let go of long entrenched thought patterns that were hurting me.”

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